Charts & Graphs

  • Here is a visual look at all of the fuel shipments that come in and travel around New Zealand
  • Here is an individual look at 3 months of data and the combined total.
A closer look at the numbers.

If you have had a listen to the audio files from the "Genesis page" then you may well know what I am looking at.

What we should be looking at is, "we would be needing around 175 Tankers each year to keep up with our fuel demands, and that roughly would give us, 1 tanker every two day's.

So, here we have 3 month's of accurate data to look at, and the numbers so far equate to, 90 day's (rounded) to 45 Tankers, or one every two day's.

For the three month's listed out of this quarter of the year 2023, we seem to be right on target.

Storage, and that is another question, but I have listed all of the available storage that is listed from MBIE Data take 2019 and posted the details on another page on this website.

.Adequate storage did come up in one audio file and also a document, this was look at but never answered, and I will post a very detailed document regarding this matter.

The Govt at the time & MBIE did put out Legislation, starting July 2024 to have the Oil (Fuel) Companies to disclose what Fuel Stock holdings as in place, I could see a problem here.

There is quite a reduction of fuel storage between the year 2017 & 2019 the fuel storage reduced, almost by half, MBIE Data.

Since the closure of Marsden Point Oil Refinery, the new owners have had a reconfiguration of the storage capacity that is kept there.

More information is yet to be added.